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My 14 year old son and I have been members of the club since August 2006. My son initially joined and after two months of sitting on the sidelines, I also became a member. This experience over the last three years has been a tremendously huge bonding experience for the both of us. As many parents know, frequently this is a time during a teenager's life when his parent's company is not necessarily needed, with the exception of the support of the pocketbook. Yet, we have both managed to thoroughly enjoy this activity together accomplishing numerous athletic goals and making numerous friends and acquaintances. Having been black belts over the last year and a half has also allowed us to not only precisely hone our skills and abilities in self-defense, but also the privilege to mentor and teach new students.
Tae Kwon Do is not just learning a martial art. The tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit are guidelines for all members to live by in the day-to-day living of today's modern world. This particular martial art has a 2,000 year history and would not have survived this long except for its incredible ability to integrate mental, physical and spiritual development. I'm sure one would agree that the continuous growth in these areas are not only important for today's youth, but for all of us.
I would be one of the first to admit that my initial goal was to make black belt and possibly move on to another hobby. However, our experience at this club has been so rewarding in countless ways, that I would be hesitant to predict when we will ever quit. This club is rare in that a high percentage of its members are combinations of parents and siblings. Yet families are instrumental in a student's continued success since the support mechanism of participation is present. This may be one of the key ingredients of this club. It is not of the modern cookie cutter approach of getting a kid into an activity just for the sake of doing it. We encourage everyone to be active members.
Truly Master Marr has an eloquent touch both as an instructor and mentor, and his record in producing so many black belts speaks for itself.
Wray & Andrew C.

Wray & Andrew C.,
In just six months, Tae Kwon-Do has changed our daughter's life. Previously shy, our daughter Joy, now 10 and a half, has become more confident and self-assured. Not too long ago, she tested for an orange belt -- and achieving that was one of her most happy accomplishments. She now wants to earn a higher orange, and says she prefers Tae Kwon-Do and the discipline it stresses over her ballet and jazz classes. She is committed to the training, as are many of her peers in school. She has made friends, both boys and girls, and is learning to train her body and mind in a way traditional education has not.
Leslie L. H.

Leslie L. H.,
As an underweight freshmen in high school; insecurity plagued my early high school career. There hasn't been a more effective remedy for the reparation of my self-confidence nor a better physical outlet where I otherwise would have spent the day behind a desk. I gratefully spent four years taking up Chungdokwon Taekwondo under the instruction of Master Daniel Marr and have only been unable to do so recently due to a tight agenda between college, church obligations, and work. However, I have noticed without consistent exercise and council from my martial arts instructor; I have experienced a decline in fitness and a decrease in physical motivation toward other - more tedious - forms of exercise. Between the talented instruction and friendly community in this martial arts institution I've never found an easier method of keeping fit.
Derek G.,
This program really helped gain confidence, I wasn't always a very social person and I didn't really have any friends. This program gave me the strength to venture outside of my comfort zone. I am now a senior who is confident, and outgoing.Thank you Master Marr for helping me develop into who I am today.
James I,
My son has been part of Daniel Marr’s Tae Kwon-Do School for moving into six months now. My son is also an honor roll student and a boy scout. This organization has not only shown my son how to protect himself but has grown his respect, discipline and positive self concept through Daniel Marr’s exceptional example in working with young people!
I am a Gifted and Talented teacher for Northside ISD and have watched the students practice and realized that I have taught many of them over the years. These children are in Gifted and Talent programs in their schools, in community sports programs and are moving on into magnet schools for their academic abilities not to mention applying for military academies. Many of the students move through the levels of discipline with their fathers right there practicing with them. You get a good feeling watching families being nurtured through this program.
Mr. Marr also helps in the community by providing after school care for children. Just as a dance studio or drama for kids business inspires children to reach for their dreams and talents, so does Master Marr's Tae Kwon-Do School.

Lisa M.,
This school has been a great experience for myself and my son, Ethan. I had been searching for a martial arts school that would allow both myself and Ethan to participate in the same class. I appreciate that this school's approach is family friendly. It is a traditional Tae Kwon Do school and emphasizes many principles, such as courtesy, integrity and self-control. Ethan has enjoyed learning Tae Kwon Do and it has taught him practical lessons in the values taught by this school.
David E.,
My son, Cody, has been a member for almost two years now. I have to say it has been one of the best things that I have done for my son.
When my son first joined this program, he was in 2nd grade. He was getting picked on at school and had a low self-esteem. At first, I signed him up so he could learn to defend himself against the bullies at his school. What he has learned has far exceeded my expectations. He has learned to defend himself, but also how to stay away from a fight. He is more disciplined and focused on his schoolwork. He has learned to set goals for himself, both short-term and long-term, and how to achieve them. Everything that he has learned and achieved has given him more confidence than ever before!
Cody loves going to Tae Kwon Do class every week because there is always something to learn. I love it because it is a good family environment with strong family values. Since Cody rarely sees his own father, it is important for him to be around good male role models. He gets that in abundance at this program.
Being a student of Master Marr’s has been and will continue to be one of the best experiences of my son’s life. Everything that he has learned from Master Marr and the other instructors will stay him for the rest of his life.
Helen S.

Helen S.,
As the parent of a student black belt in Tae Kwon Do, who is also a cadet Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, a student pilot, and winner in the regional and state science fairs since 2007, I wish to offer my views on the value of Tae Kwon Do.
Furthermore, my younger son who achieved the rank of Brown Belt, and left Tae Kwon Do only because he needed to dedicate considerable time to his school academics and pursuing the rank of Eagle Scout, which is imminent. Mr. Marr encouraged his decision, and he has always been consistent in emphasizing the important of students pursuing their academics. He also stresses a balance of family, school, and sports competition. Tae Kwon Do is most certainly a competitive sport, but more importantly, a way of life. Members of Mr. Marr’s organization have always exhibited character, leadership, positive mentorship, and family and community values. Otherwise, we would not have joined the club years ago.

Dr. Michael S.,
Taekwondo has helped James in focusing and achieving more self discipline, he is more confident and strong now.
He has made some good friends across various age groups and has helped him to outgrow his shy nature and be more sociable and outgoing.

Chris N.,
As Matthew is at his last year in high school, I reflect back at what you and the Tae Kwon Do program have provided him since 2002. I find that Matthew has gained a valuable physical and educational experience and that he may continue to discover many hidden benefits over time. There is no doubt that your Tae Kwon Do program has played a major role in his life and with a very positive impact. My intent on writing this letter is to provide you with, as a parent, my perspective of your program. I have discovered that your program to be like no other. In our search years ago for a program that would provide an activity for Matthew, we found something even greater-a positive life experience. As a parent, this is important to me and is what has kept us coming back year after year. You have helped him to strengthen not only his body, but his well-being. Your program is grounded on strong principles and good morals- that you not only teach to your students but that you exhibit daily. You have always provided a safe and family-oriented environment that nurtures the students from the very young to the not so very young. Whether we are a participant or an observer, you have made us feel welcome and a part of something special. Over the years, some of the strongest qualities that I have observed, and in no way inclusive are: safety, fairness, family, friendship, confidence, respect, discipline, responsibility, unity, and dedication. I couldn’t have asked for a better program to share with my family. I have great admiration for you and your program and would strongly recommend any family to take part in this experience.
Karen S.,
My Husband and I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the programming offered at this Tae Kwon-do club. My daughter and son, both 9 years old, have been attending the after school program for over 1 and ½ years and we have not only observed a tremendous growth in our children, but have been comforted in knowing that they are in good hands after school. Your professionalism coupled with fun AND learning has made the experience for my children priceless! I appreciate that my children look forward to attending the after school program and sleepovers and have made lasting friendships in the process. There is never a lack of structure or leadership and I feel my children have grown in their respect for others and themselves.
Heather & Jeff L.,
This school embodies the values of family, positive atmosphere, proper manners and respect to parents, teachers and adults. They also provide excellent teaching in martial arts, along with an after school program that my daughter begged to become a part of. During the summer, they have a fantastic program for working parents to be able to have their children in a learning environment that is also enjoyable.
I have seen her confidence grow, as well as her self-respect and respect for others increase.
The school also provides excellent activities for the children’s enjoyment and for the benefit of parents, such as the recent Halloween Sleepover and the upcoming New Year’s Eve event. The kids have a safe, fun place to hang out, watch movies, play games and have a sleep over with their friends, while mom and dad can go out and enjoy themselves too!
I cannot speak more highly of the professional way the school is run and how well it is organized.
Candee E.

Candee E.,

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